If you have visited F-body internet sites, the chances are pretty good that you have heard about Zaino Brothers Show Car Polish at least once. It is a independent company that has been proven again and again by fellow F-body owners and other enthusiasts. Sal Zaino is the man behind the products. He is a custom painter by trade and now concentrates on his car care products. He originally designed the products to protect the paint finishes of his customers cars. In one word, they are AWESOME! Everything he produces is leaps and bounds above everything I have ever tried. Having a black car has presented many challenges to keeping it looking its best. Problems like swirl marks, hazing of wax, and dust accumulation have been eliminated. It produces an incredible wet look that has to be witnessed in person to truly appreciate. Pictures just donít do it justice. I have never heard of anyone that wasnít blown away with the performance of Zaino. I was getting to the point of hating my black paint, due to the upkeep issues and presence of swirl marks. Now after Zaino I love it. Scratches and swirl marks have been greatly reduced as well as the upkeep. It is also the easiest product to use. I recommend everything Sal makes. Please visit his website for more information and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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