I had wanted an F-Body ever since the fourth generation came out in ’93. Before that I never really realized the potential these cars had. The Trans Am eventually won me over due to its in your face styling. I especially liked the huge rear wing. So I knew my next car would be a Trans Am. I also liked the Firehawk by SLP, but it was only available on the Formula. Then for 1996 Pontiac announced the return of Ram Air and WS6. The WS6 Performance and Handling Package included an upgraded suspension, larger 17” wheels, and the Ram Air induction system. Now with the availability of the WS6 Performance and Handling Package, I had to add it to my dream car.

So on July 23, 1996 I placed an order for my 1997 Trans Am WS6 on the phone, for $500 over invoice. A good friend of the family referred me to Grayson Pontiac and this particular salesman. I plan on keeping this car for a long time so I wanted it to my specifications. My build date(TPW) was the week of August 12, 1996. On September 4, 1996 my dealer faxed me a copy of the window sticker they received. They had originally told me that delivery would be about three weeks after production. After the Trans Am was built, it is shipped to SLP for the conversion to a WS6. Then after conversion it is shipped back to the Ste. Therese factory to be shipped out. The biggest concern I had about the car, was that the dealer would screw the front license plate holder onto my car and scar it forever. So I called my salesman every couple days to impress on him the urgency of this matter. I also informed him I did not want any dealer advertising.

My salesman called me on October 2, 1996 and informed me that my car had just rolled off the truck. I again repeated my requests of no front plate holder and no dealer sticker. He assured me everybody knew about this car and my requests. I wasn’t able to pick it up until Friday October 4, 1996 due to being out of town. It was definitely worth the wait. The car was exactly like I wanted. I later found out that the reason I received such good treatment was because my salesman was the general manager of the dealership.

The first view of my WS6

My window sticker

1997 WS6 Production Numbers
Trans Am Coupe:  2827
Formula Coupe:  473
Trans Am Convertible:  463
Formula Convertible:  41
Note: convertible models did not have the WS6 suspension. They only had the Ram Air induction system.

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