Skip Shift Eliminator: CAGS or Computer Aided Gear Shift automatically moves you from 1st to 4th gear under light throttle applications. It is designed to keep fuel economy up, but it is a major hassle. The Skip Shift Eliminator is a plug in device on the transmission that fools the computer and allows the 1st to 2nd shift under all conditions. A must mod.

Throttle Body Airfoil: The foil is designed to smooth air flow into the throttle body and increase power. The overall consensus is that it doesnít really help much.

STOLEN BY DEALER!!!, but replaced.

1LE Driveshaft: This is an all aluminum driveshaft that replaces the stock steel shaft, or more commonly known as the vibeshaft. This was covered under warranty due to excess vibration at speeds greater than 80 mph. The Technical Service Bulletin states it doesn't cover 1997 models, but my dealer replaced it without any argument. The steel is unbalanced and causes annoying vibration at high speeds. GM finally made the 1LE standard on 1998 F-Bodies with the V8.

Borla Cat-Back Exhaust: The Borla is unique because it can be adjusted for sound and power by plates in the exhaust. I have mine at wide open for sound reasons only. I probably have lost a little low end power, but the sound more than makes up for it.

G2 Power Pulleys: These reduce accessory drive speed and free up horsepower.

Hypertech 160 Thermostat: Reduces the temperature of both the incoming air/fuel mixture and the surfaces of the combustion chamber.

K&N Air Filter: A free flowing filter that allows more air to enter the engine.

G2 Subframe Connectors and X brace: These are welded between the front and rear subframes to strengthen the body. They are a must in a car with T-Tops because they greatly reduce creaks and rattles.

G2 Strut Tower Brace: It works with the subframe connectors to strengthen the front suspension components and improve steering feel. I have the two point because I didnít want to drill into my windshield drip rail.

Mallory Throttle Body Plate: Purely a cosmetic mod. It mounts on the throttle body replacing a cheap looking plastic piece.

Hypertech Power Programmer Plus: This is a multi-functional tool. It changes rev limiter, speedometer for gears, cooling efficiency, firms shifts on automatic cars, removes speed limiters, changes air/fuel mixture for increased power, and several other items. I only use mine for engine cooling and increased rev limiter, because I lost horsepower on the dyno with the engine tuning installed.

Hurst Short Throw Shifter: Replaces the stock shifter unit with a more positive feeling shorter throw unit. It was very easy to install and is highly recommended. Check out the pics of the install.

Disabled Day Time Running Lamps: These were standard equipment on the F-Bodies beginning in 1997. I eventually became annoyed with them, so I disconnected the power source. The directions can be found HERE.

Throttle Body By-pass: With this mod you are preventing hot coolant from entering the throttle body. This helps keep the incoming air a little cooler, because cooler air makes more power.

Ported MAF: When you port the mass airflow sensor, you are removing the divider blade. This allows more air to enter the engine. Most LT1's run rich, and this helps lean them out a little.

Hypertech Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator: By adjusting the fuel pressure, you can make the car run leaner or richer. The only way to find out what pressure works best is to tune it on a dyno.

Autometer Shift Light: The shift light uses pills that plug into a rpm activated module that turns the light on at a set rpm. This allows me to keep my eyes on the track and shift when the light comes on.

Short Stick: The Short Stick reduces the throw of the shifter between gears by shortening the lever. It is a very positive and short shift now. All I did was remove my Hurst shift lever and bolt the Short Stick onto the Hurst shifter base.

Nitrous Express LT1 kit: I finally made to big decision to step up to nitrous. The NX kit is wet, meaning that it sprays both N2O and fuel into the engine. The install work was done by Custom Performance Racing in Plano.

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